About Us

This is Bane Board Company; started in 2020 by a couple skaters and snowboarders we opened our doors to give the locals something to do. In the smaller area we live in, there's not a lot of activities to be had. However we are making the most of that, and getting people outside to do exhilarating sports (Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Camping, Hiking.) We are getting active and hope to take multiple surrounding communities on this adventure with us including Weston WV, where our brick and mortar location is. It is difficult to get into something just by looking at it on the internet. Where do you start? Size, shape, purpose? We have a brick and mortar location for just those kinds of needs. This was always a dream of ours, so now that it's here we hope to help you roll towards yours. 

We like to say "Into the Sun." Our motto if you will. It is not just about rolling a longboard into a perfect sunset horizon, but going outside and trying by doing. Maybe realizing how beautiful your surroundings are or where your next adventure should be to. That's our dream, our goal. & our determination to help not just ourselves reach, but you too.

We opened October 3rd and are now launching our online store so all of our customers have better access to our products!

At Bane Board we are striving to provide quality products and faster access to everyone. Rolling on a cruiser, camping in the woods or shredding snow let's get outside and and head "Into the Sun". Join us on our new adventure and check us out online.